Contact Lens Training

*Payment is due at time of service for contact lens training. Please note that insure may or may not cover these costs.

If you have chosen contacts and are coming in for your training, we would like you to watch the training videos on the links provided below:

Click Here for Soft Contact Lenses Video

Click Here for Gas Perm Contact Lens Video

Click Here for Scleral Lens Video

*Before coming to the appointment for a contact lens fit, get comfortable touching your eye and holding your eyelids open as wide as demonstrated in the videos. Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eye.

*It is very helpful if no mascara is used before training and make sure all of your fingernails are trimmed.

What to Expect at the Training

A trained technician will work one-on-one to show you how to properly care for the contacts, to insert and remove contact lenses from your eyes, and to answer any other questions that you may have

The training is scheduled for one hour. Please understand that this is a learning process and will take a lot of practice and patience. It is perfectly okay if you don’t get the lenses in during the scheduled time. We will work with you to practice and try your very best to make sure that you can effectively and correctly put the contacts in and out.

Once the contacts are put in and removed properly, the technician working with you will check the fit of the contact lenses to make sure that they are the best fit for your eyes. You will get to take the contacts home to practice inserting and removing the contacts.

In 7-14 days, you will see the doctor for a follow-up contact lens check. This price is included with the training fee. For this appointment, you should have your contacts in and ready for the doctor to check them on your eye. The contacts should be in your eyes at least 20 minutes prior to this appointment. If you have any questions you can call our office at 920-922-7121 and we will gladly assist you. 


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